Mac? PC? Desktop? Laptop? Printer? WiFi? …. We Can FIX Your Technology Problems

Computers, SmartPhones, wifi networks, internet connections…

They’re such an integral part of our lives and businesses anymore that we hardly even notice them…until something goes wrong.  Then you need to get the problem fixed fast and right, so whatever happened isn’t likely to happen again.

That’s where Geek For Hire can help.

With extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in both hardware and software set-up, service, and troubleshooting, we’ll get you back up and running quickly and at a fair price.

What Geek For Hire Does

  • We deliver expert service on Mac and Windows computers and networks, including set-up, troubleshooting, repair, and data transfer.
  • We’re data recovery experts, too. In some cases, we may be able to recover data where others have failed.
  • We design and build semi- and full-custom computers.
  • We also design and troubleshoot small- to medium-sized wifi networks.
  • Plus, we troubleshoot network and performance problems with Internet Service Providers.
  • Let us be your IT department.  If you’ve downsized your business or left a company environment which had an IT department, we can take over all of your technology problems so you can focus on what’s important to you.

What You Can Expect From Geek For Hire

  • Help with all of your Technology Problems
  • You’ll get objective recommendations on when it makes sense to do a repair versus a replacement.
  • You get very high-quality service, delivered at your site anywhere along Colorado’s Front Range. In some cases, we can work remotely via the internet.
  • You’ll have a strong customer advocate when dealing with hardware and software suppliers. We often get discounts of up to 35-40% from Dell and other suppliers on new computers and equipment, which we pass on directly to our customers.
  • While we’re at your location, feel free to ask any questions that you have. We consider every service call a chance for informal training that can help you understand your technology systems, use them more efficiently and maintain them for more reliable service.
  • We compete on quality of service, not on price. But with our in-depth knowledge and experience, we are very likely to get the job done right the first time, saving you time and money.

Give us a call if you have a technology problem, want to ask a question or would just like to know more about us. We’re always happy to help!