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Entertainment Systems

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Installing a new entertainment system and Smart TV setup can be confusing and overwhelming.  Geek For Hire can set up everything:

  • Widescreen TVs, including wall installation
  • Smart TV setup
  • Internet connections so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO — all the streaming channels
  • Audio equipment including fine-tuning speaker placement
  • Sonos music system
  • Gaming consoles — PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo
  • Even assembling the new Ikea entertainment center, without losing one of their 197 different parts

Support for all your high tech gadgets

Technology is everywhere. At Geek For Hire, we do much more than Mac and PC Repair. Contact us for help with:

  • Tablets of all sizes
  • Wireless printer set-up with your Mac, phone, tablet, or PC – Here’s an article on what to look for when getting a new printer.
  • Security video cameras for your business, horse ranch or home
  • Smart Home install

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