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Entertainment Systems & Smart TV Setup

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Installing a new entertainment system and Smart TV setup can be confusing and overwhelming.  Geek For Hire can set up everything:

  • Widescreen TVs, including wall installation
  • Smart TV setup
  • Internet connections so you can watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Apple TV,  — all the streaming channels
  • Audio equipment including fine-tuning speaker placement
  • Sonos music system, speakers, etc.
  • Gaming consoles — PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo
  • Yes, we can even assemble your new Ikea entertainment center, without losing one of their 197 different parts

Support for all your high-tech gadgets

Technology is everywhere. At Geek For Hire, we do much more than Mac and PC Repair. Contact us for help with:

  • Tablets of all sizes
  • Wireless printer set-up with your Mac, phone, tablet, or PC – Here’s an article on what to look for when getting a new printer.
  • Security video cameras for your business, horse ranch, or home. There are several brands out there. We’ve got the Ring set up at our house.
  • Smart Home install
  • Smart TV setup

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