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Chris Eddy has been helping people with their computer problems for over 15 years.  Geek For Hire provides Mac & PC support where you need it – in your home or office.  Check out our testimonials!

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Chris Eddy, Principal Geek, repairing a Mac

Mac & PC Repair

From hardware to software, operating systems to viruses. We service both Macs and PCs, do repair work, upgrades, and data recovery.

Virus / Adware / Spyware Removal

Unfortunately, this is our most common service. Even the best anti-virus can’t protect you 100% of the time. Sometimes, you need the tools only available to professionals.  How do you know if you have a virus?  Read more HERE.

 Printers & Scanners

Because it’s still not a paperless world. Let us set up your device, connect it to your wireless network, get the scanner working, and make sure the printer works with your computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Home Theater, Entertainment Systems & Other Tech

Technology is everywhere. At Geek For Hire, we do much more than Mac and PC Repair. We can set up your TVs, audio equipment, and gaming consoles.  And we can connect them all to your home network. We can also help with tablets, Smart Home installs, and wireless security cameras.

Small Business Support

We provide Tech Support for small and micro businesses, including networking, Servers, and Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Remote Support

Sometimes, you need help with a technical problem while you’re out of town. Using our live remote-assistance tool, we can view your desktop and control your mouse and keyboard to help find an answer. For more info on how this service works, check out our Remote Support page.


Wireless and wired. Connect your computers, printers, phones, tablets, entertainment systems, gaming devices. New tools network your lights, security system, even your heating and air conditioning.

Data Recovery

It’s a sad fact. Hard drives fail and you may not have a current backup.  If you need to recover your files, we have a very high success rate of recovering data.  We can generally tell within the first ½ hour or so if we’ll be able to recover your data.  If we can’t recover it, we won’t have done anything to further damage your hard drive.  We do have a relationship with an offsite “clean room” that has the ability to recover data where others cannot.  And, they give our customers a nice discount!