Best Long Range WiFi Router: Here are 3 steps to strong WiFi in every backyard

If you’ve been looking for the best router for streaming or the best long-range wifi router, then you don’t want to scroll by. When you’re trying to get a good WiFi signal in your backyard, here are 3 easy steps to take.

  • Firstly, purchase a mesh router. Mesh routers have “satellite routers” to spread the signal evenly throughout your home (and yard). If your home is large, consider getting more than two or three satellites.
  • After that, test putting the satellites in different rooms to check signal strength. If you have brick or metal in your home construction, you may need to play with many locations to find the best one.
  • Finally, ensure at least one of the satellites points towards the backyard from the basement or first floor.

Recently a customer asked us which mesh router he should purchase.  So, Chris responded with this email. It includes links to the best WiFi router that Chris knows of.Best long range wifi router

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Chris’ email about the best long range WiFi Router:

“Here are some purchase links for the different 2-pack and 3-pack versions of the Orbi wifi router.  Note that my rule of thumb for Wifi is that it will have a service radius of about 50 feet; the better routers and equipment will have more usable distance.  I have gotten exceptional distance using the Orbi 5 series (about 100 feet), and the new 6 series of Orbi is supposed to go farther.

The top two are the “older” technology models, which work very well.  We have a 2-pack of this, and we like it a lot.  The bottom three use the new AX6000 wifi technology, which is reported to travel a little further and transmit faster than the earlier wifi technology.

I have generally had good luck getting “refurbished” equipment from Amazon sellers.  If the equipment (new or refurbished) is defective, the Amazon return policy allows the equipment to be returned painlessly, but the installation time to determine that something is actually defective is still billable.

WiFi 5 System:

This 5-series model uses the “older” wifi technology, which I use and really like a lot:

Netgear RBK50 2-pack  – New – List =$330:

RBK53 3-pack – New – List = $700:

WiFi 6 System:

For the best long range wifi router, this 6-series model uses the “new” AX6000 wifi technology. Consequently, it is reported to give better performance and more distance. It’s probably the best router for multiple devices.

RBK852 2-Pack – Refurbished – List $700

RBK853 3-pack – Refurbished – List = $980

RBK853 3-Pack – New – List = $1000

Hope this helps.



Chris likes the Netgear Orbi Mesh Routers best. Here’s an article we wrote about why a Mesh Router may be a good choice for you. These ORBI WiFi routers are if you have a medium to large house, and one router won’t provide enough wifi coverage.  These mesh routers are ideal for “pushing” the wifi coverage through your house and have a separate WiFi radio for the dedicated “back haul” that provides low latency and high bandwidth.  If you have a medium-sized house or larger and have internet service that is faster than 300Mbps, these WiFi mesh routers are the best solution that I know of yet.

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