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Installing computer components in new machine - Contact us if you need help installing a new motherboard or new SSD.







We provide support for all your high tech gadgets

Technology is everywhere. At Geek For Hire, Inc., we do much more than Mac and PC Repair. Contact us for help with other tech services:

  • Tablets of all shapes and sizes.
  • Your computer might be very slow or exhibiting strange symptoms.
  • Call us when you get a new printer and can’t get it to work with your Mac or PC.
  • Your Mac or PC has contracted a virus and you need professional help to remove it.
  • You want us to build a custom PC for you.
  • Perhaps your “E” key is sticking or has disappeared and your laptop needs a new keyboard.
  • You need help setting up security cameras and being able to view the images on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Point of Sale system setup and troubleshooting.
  • Set up a new security camera system