Networking Connects The Equipment In Your Home and Office

Wired or wireless, networking connects all your devices including computers, printers, phones, tablets, entertainment systems, and gaming devices.  With Smart Homes, even your lights, security system, and refrigerator rely on your homes network system

WiFi is great when it works right, but setting a system up can be difficult and time-consuming. Contact Geek for Hire to install your network and keep it running smoothly.

We can help you with:

  • Wireless routers
  • Improving WiFi signal strength and range
  • Broken wireless connections to printers
  • Cable modems and DSL modems
  • Network security
  • Connecting all of your devices
  • Wireless access points and wireless bridges

When you want to surf the web from your backyard, you need a strong WiFi network. We can help you select the best system for your home and figure out where to place the system.

Don’t forget wired networks. Sometimes the best connection is a hard-wired Ethernet cable that plugs right into the back of your Mac or PC.

We can also work as your advocate with your Internet Service Provider (ISP).  If you’ve had an issue with your network and contacted your ISP but they weren’t able to help you, we can step in.  Sometimes they will treat you like you are stupid, or you have a hard time understanding their accent.  That’s when you need your own advocate!