Parts We Recommend

Most of these links provide us with a small commission if you choose to purchase them.  There is no difference in price for you!

Hard Drives:

Chris likes this internal hard drive from Seagate.  The 2TB version is $85.


  • Chris’ new favorite keyboard is called the Logitech Craft.  It has a funky knob on the top left side which allows you to adjust images in Photoshop or Illustrator. It has a backlit keyboard and (WHAT?!) can manage up to three devices from the single wireless keyboard!  It’s compatible with both Mac’s and PCs.   This one retails for $199, but Amazon currently has it priced at $170.  I’ve seen it on other sites at prices ranging from $179 to $199
  • The wireless keyboard I had been using for the past few years suddenly died last month.  I purchased a Logitech MK320. and I am loving it. It came paired with a mouse which means only one USB thingie.  That’s important to me because my laptop only has three USB ports.  It has a separate ten-key which I like.  And, as I mentioned above, I can manage more than just typing with this device! The keys are big enough that my fingers to confuse the “m” and the “n”.  Overall, I really like it and loved the price.  It retails for $40, but Amazon currently has it priced at $22.  Other sites have it for around $25.


Chris likes this Netgear router which lists for $220.  It’s currently available from Amazon for around $175.

Whole House Mesh Routers:

When you have a challenging WiFi situation, you should consider a Mesh system.  For example, your home is large or there are plenty of surfaces that WiFi can’t penetrate.  Here are the two which Chris likes:

  • The Netgear Orbi system lists for $370.  Amazon has it now for $300.  This one works with Alexa.
  • Chris also likes the Linksys Velop which lists for $500.  The current Amazon price is $400.  The Linksys also works with Alexa.