Parts We Recommend

Most of these links provide us with a small commission if you choose to purchase them.  There is no difference in price for you!

Internal Hard Drives:

Chris likes this internal hard drive from Seagate.  The 2TB version is $85.

Internal Solid State Drives:

When a customer needs to have their machine rebuilt, Chris recommends this internal SSD from Samsung.

External Hard Drives:

Here are a few of the External Hard Drives that Chris recommends.  You should have at least two.  One to back up your data and store in your car or some other place that is safe, secure, and not in proximity to your computer.  The other one gets swapped out with the first.  You should back up at least once a week!


  • Chris’ new favorite keyboard is called the Logitech Craft.  It has a funky knob on the top left side which allows you to adjust images in Photoshop or Illustrator. It has a backlit keyboard and (WHAT?!) can manage up to three devices from the single wireless keyboard!  It’s compatible with both Mac’s and PCs.   This one retails for $199, but Amazon currently has it priced at $170.  I’ve seen it on other sites at prices ranging from $179 to $199
  • The wireless keyboard I had been using for the past few years suddenly died last month.  I purchased a Logitech MK320. and I am loving it. It came paired with a mouse which means only one USB thingie.  That’s important to me because my laptop only has three USB ports.  It has a separate ten-key which I like.  And, as I mentioned above, I can manage more than just typing with this device! The keys are big enough that my fingers to confuse the “m” and the “n”.  Overall, I really like it and loved the price.  It retails for $40, but Amazon currently has it priced at $22.  Other sites have it for around $25.


Chris likes this Netgear router which lists for $220.  It’s currently available from Amazon for around $175.

Whole House Mesh Routers:

When you have a challenging WiFi situation, you should consider a Mesh system.  For example, your home is large or there are plenty of surfaces that WiFi can’t penetrate.  Here are the two which Chris likes:

  • The Netgear Orbi system lists for $370.  Amazon has it now for $300.  This one works with Alexa.
  • Chris also likes the Linksys Velop which lists for $500.  The current Amazon price is $400.  The Linksys also works with Alexa.