Memory Stick aka Thumb Drive aka Flash Drive

Last week a customer asked Chris to transfer a bunch of files from his computer to a memory stick. He handed Chris a brand new flash drive along with his laptop. I happened to be there when Chris was transferring the files. He was very frustrated at the speed at which the files were being transferred. You might say they were being copied at a “turtle’s pace”!

I asked Chris why it was taking so long. I thought that all memory sticks were pretty much the same except for their capacity.  He then told me that memory sticks have different speeds.  The less expensive ones will transfer files very slowly.  The more expensive ones will be quick and snappy.  He explained that USB 3.0 are generally much faster than USB 2.0. He also mentioned that the packaging typically only lists the speed if they are faster than 150mBps.  The cheap memory sticks generally have speeds of 2mBps and don’t broadcast that “turtle’s pace” on the outside.Memory Sticks & Flash DrivesSlow as a herd of Turtles

About 45 minutes later, Chris was done transferring all the files.  If you need to copy files to a memory stick and don’t care how long it takes, get the cheapest one.

Expect to pay $15 for a 16gig memory stick that is reasonably fast, and about $20 for 32gig. Find our recomendations here.

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