Spam Calls on Your Smartphone? How Can You Minimize?

Over the past few days I have been absolutely inundated with fraudulent callers, telemarketers, and just plan old spam calls.  But the good thing is that I know what they are and can choose not to answer!

I’ve been using a new app on my iPhone called Call Protect.  It works with my AT&T service and it seems to work very well.  Here is a list of the spam calls I’ve received today:

Spam Calls on your smartphone

It’s pretty annoying to receive all of those Telemarketer and Spam calls while I’m trying to work!  If you have AT&T service, you can head over to the app store on your Smartphone to download and install this app for yourself.

I’ve been looking to see if Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile have a similar app and haven’t had any luck.  If you know, please provide a link to the app in the comments below.


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