Scam Phone Calls – One Simple Thing To Protect Yourself


Scam Phone Calls:

We’re getting more calls for technical support from people who have fallen for one of the scam phone calls. They receive the call, and let the “tech” from “Microsoft” or “Dell” gain access to their machine. Or, the “tech” asks them if they have a particular file on their machine, and then express concern and alarm when the person says “Yes I do have that file.  Is that bad?”  Of course, this is a file that every Windows machine must have to function, but the average person doesn’t know that. These people are highly skilled in the art of persuasion.  They are very convincing. This is their job, and they won’t want to let you go.

And, it’s not your imagination.  These “bad operators” are stepping up their activity.  Even Microsoft has recognized the problem.  Virus headlines like these keep coming across my newsfeed.

And here are two articles who recognized the scam and played along:

scam phone calls
Phone Operators

From the Microsoft website:

“It is a SCAM!!! Microsoft does not do that nor do they have partners who do that nor do they hire sub-contractors or people or even get volunteers to do that. There are probably thousands of such companies out there doing this every day.”

One Simple Thing to Protect Yourself From Scam Phone Calls:

Remember that Microsoft, or Google, or Dell, or anyone else won’t call you to tell you have a virus.  Those phone calls are always scams.  So, there really is just one thing you can do to protect yourself. Hang up!  These folks are well-practiced and very convincing.  Hang up!

Apple Scam Phone Calls:

Sorry, Mac users.  It’s only a matter of time before you start getting targeted too.  As more and more people transition to Mac’s, they won’t let you out of the fun. Your solution is the same.  Hang up!

If you do allow access:

If you do allow the scammer access to your computer, run your anti-virus as soon as you realize your mistake.

Be careful with who you allow to access your machine. Hang up if your spider sense starts tingling.

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