As some of you know, our kids are taking an epic trip this year.  They’ll be hiking the entire Appalachian Trail.  They start at Springer Mountain (north east of Atlanta, Georgia) next week and plan on arriving at Katahdin (Maine) by September.

Can you say “Wow!”?

Our son has been doing the back-country adventure thing for awhile so he has most of the gear he needs.  But our daughter needed more modern gear.  Most of her gear was hand-me-down stuff from friends and family.  An eight pound pack and six pound tent just won’t cut it when you’re walSPOT Messengerking 2200 miles with them on your back.  So, she’s been getting all the equipment she needs over the past six months or so.  Some of the things she’s acquired include an ultra-light tent and backpack, a bear-bag, an efficient stove, and a warm sleeping bag.

One of the things we got – more for our peace of mind than anything else – is a SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger.  Josh had one several years ago and we liked being able to see where he was, and, more importantly, that he was still alive!  At the push of a button, the SPOT Messenger lets you tell your friends and family:

    • Where you are
    • That you are okay
    • or, That you need emergency assistance

Because it uses satellites, and not WiFi or the cellular system, you can use it just about anywhere.  I think it will update a website too, but we’re still looking into that.

Have you ever thought about an amazing adventure like this one?  Here are some…

Helpful Links:

You can follow their adventures on Bailey’s blog – AT-2feet  She’ll be keeping it up-to-date using the WordPress app and camera on her iPhone.

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