Facebook Account – Has Yours Been Hacked?

I read an article recently about how to find out if someone in a different location was logged into your Facebook account. I followed the steps and saw that someone in Dallas was logged into my account! Whoa! I logged out of the devices in those locations pretty quickly.

Originally posted on 13 February 2018.


There are several steps to follow to see if someone has hacked into your Facebook account.

The first thing to check on your Facebook account:Facebook Account

The first thing you want to do is to determine if you are logged into your Facebook account from odd locations. To check this, click on “Settings” and then on “Security and Login”. That screen will tell you all the places (and devices) that you are logged in. If something seems odd, then log out of that location. For example, did you use the library computer to check Facebook? Did you want to show your aunt that funny meme and logged into Facebook on her computer but forgot to log out.

Second thing:

Check your birthday and email to make sure they haven’t been changed. If they have been changed, change them back and then immediately check the recovery email. Is it still your email address, or was it changed?

Also, has anyone told you they received a second friend request from you? Or are there messages that have been sent, but not sent by you? Again, this is a good time to change your password and notify your friends not to open a recent private message from you. You should also notify Facebook that your account may be compromised.

You should also:

Now is a good time to change your password as well. It’s on the same screen as “Security and Login”. Click on “Change Password”, and choose a secure one! Here are some tips for creating a strong password.


Bump up your security settings. Ask Facebook to send you an alert when someone tries to log into your account. Now is also a good time to set up Two-Factor Authentication. You can access both of those settings from the same “Security and Login” screen.

You can also check out this recent post about Facebook Hacking too, for five easy tips to keep you safe.


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Watch Out For Phone, Text, Email, and Other Scams:

  • Remember to stay well clear of shortened links unless you know without a doubt where that link will take you. That includes most bit.ly and owl.ly links. Here’s a recent article about short links.
  • Right now, there are a lot of scams out there. Read our article about Covid19 scams.


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27 thoughts on “Facebook Account – Has Yours Been Hacked?

  1. I no longer have the phone number and email that is link to my Facebook account and I’m using a new device as my old device no longer in my hand how can I recover my FB account
    My number is {deleted} or {deleted} thanks

    1. Basically, you’ll need to be persistent in contacting Facebook to be allowed access again. As you probably already know, they don’t have great customer service, so persistency is key. Good luck! (Also, I deleted your phone numbers for security.)

    2. I have recently lost my fb account. When I tried to verify it with fb. It put me into an account that has no picture and one friend but all my information. Everything I have tried only lets me into that account. I could just create a new account. But I do not want to loose 10 years of pictures and mementoes and Would like to regain access to my original account is this something I can hire your company to do? And also, some how in all the processes I have used to recover my account, I now receive email updates on it. (But can’t get into it. Still always puts me into other account) also nothing to my friends is visible if they try to look up my name and the original account doesn’t appear if I google it. Thank you for your time.

      1. Hi, what is the contact info for Facebook? All the methods of recovering are of no value as the hacker has changed email address, phone number, password. So none of the recovery methods will work.

  2. So they changed my email account that is linked to my page and when i try to submit my ID photo they say that i have already done that and cant do it again. I see the last comment you recommended being persistent with facebook but i dont know how else to try to reach out to them.

  3. Do you have a specific route to contact them that works? I am trying all avenues and I am not sure what actually gets reviewed by Facebook. Which page do you submit over and over on until hopefully they respond?

    1. Emilie,
      Yeah, FB has great customer service for their “real” customers, the advertisers. Unfortunately, the users (that’s us!) don’t get first-rate treatment. It might be easier to just start a new account. I’m sorry I don’t have better advice to offer.

  4. I’ve had the same issues as above, with Facebook. Submitted ID many times, no response. I recently tried to tweet Facebook security about it, no response. I was, however, contact by someone on Twitter claiming that they can hack into my account to retrieve it for me. Is this a thing or a scam? I’ve tried googling to see if there are scams like this out there but no luck. That want to charge $75 to do it. Are there really hack services out there that do this regularly?

    1. Andrea,
      Facebook does not have great customer service. It might be easier to just start a new account. I’m sorry I don’t have better advice to offer.

  5. Hello. I’m writing because my mom’s Facebook account was hacked in October and she hasn’t been able to get it back since. She’s done everything she can, such as sending identification, etc. I’ve tried everything as well, and even being pretty savvy on computers, I have been completely unsuccessful. Look, I love my mom. But recently, she has been getting more and more moody, as a nice way of saying it, and we all believe it is because she no longer has her Facebook account. She used to be on there all of the time. I need help! I need to get my mom’s Facebook account back. Please. You’re my only hope. Seriously. lol 🙂 Thanks. Amanda

    1. Amanda,
      I’m sorry but we have not had any luck recovering Facebook accounts. You might want to start a new account for your Mom? Good luck!

  6. Hello,

    I need help in recovering my Facebook account. I have access to the emails in the file and the mobile number stored in Facebook’s database.
    However I dont’ have access to the Google authenticator app where Facebook is sending login codes. That’s because it was in the phone which I lost. Nor do I have recovery codes.

    I’ll share the username and password to the one who can help me with this and has done this before.

  7. Can I hire you to try and get my facebook account back? It’s been hacked 5 weeks ago along with my business advertising account.
    I’ve tried so much and now they called my email from the account. I obviously cannot get a hold of anyone at facebook I’m at a loss will pay for this service if u can help for sure

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