Leaves of Change or Colorado in the Fall

It’s Fall in Colorado, aka leaf-peeping season. Right now, there are a few yellow leaves here and there, but by mid-September, many of Colorado’s scenic byways will be blazing with color from our signature aspens and cottonwoods. And I’ll bet you’re wondering if there is an informative fall foliage map out there that will guide you to the best views.

I’m supposed to be writing about Tech Tips. So what do Leafers*, Fall Foliage Maps, and Peak Foliage have to do with technology? Well, there are websites and apps out there to help you find the best places and times to go for the tree color. Here are my favorites:


Predictive Peak Foliage Map:

I think this peak fall foliage map from the Smokey Mountains is the best one.fall foliage map from SmokeyMountains.com

Even though the Smokeys are on the East coast, they’ve got an amazing predictive Fall Foliage Forecast map for the entire lower 48. David Angotti from SmokyMountains.com, who developed the map with his team says:

“The fall leaf map is intuitive and easy to use. When you visit the page, you will see a slider at the bottom. The slider will be set to the current week. You can slide the slider to the right to see the predicted progression of fall. The green indicates the trees in that area of the country have not begun to change colors. The brown color means that the leaves are past their peak. The remaining colors show a colorful depiction of the progression of fall.”

One big downside to this map is that you can’t zoom in to see your particular region or county.

Colorado Fall Foliage Map:

If you’re looking for a fall foliage map with only Colorado, I think the map from KDVR is spot on. It looks like the Peak to Peak region will peak mid-to-end of September.Fall foliage map from KDVR.com


You can’t go leaf-peeping in the rain! Check the forecast a few days before, and then on the morning that you are setting out. If it looks like it’s going to rain or be very windy, see if you can rearrange your schedule to go leaf-peeping before the weather. I’ve got a couple of favorite weather sites. Simply enter the zip code or city name of where you’re going:

Driving tips:

  • If you find a great view and want to take a photo, pull all the way off the road.
  • If you notice someone driving up behind you really fast, they may have an emergency, or just need to get to work. Pull over and let them pass. Then you can continue taking in the view at your own pace.

Cell Service:

Several years ago, I published a guide to cell service along the Peak to Peak Highway. There has been some expansion of coverage, but it’s still fairly accurate.

Colorado Map:

I don’t know about you, but cell service isn’t always available. And I need to know where I am! I like this laminated folding map. (You should know that as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.)

Weird Definitions:

* Leafers? Yes, it’s a word. According to the Urban Dictionary:

“A leafer is any American who travels north to see the leaves change colour. Also known as a wanna-be Canadian. Hogs your bars and parking spots.”

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