My WiFi doesn’t work – What Can I Do?

I get frustrated sometimes when the WiFi signal on my computer at home won’t work. Sometimes this happens when I try to start working for the day. Other times it stops as I am using it.  One minute the WiFi works and the next minute the WiFi doesn’t work! Has that ever happened to you?  There are several reasons why this can occur:

  • The power went out
  • Your house experienced a power surge
  • Someone in your home is downloading massive amounts of data
  • Your computer took an update overnight, and you need to re-enable the WiFi connection

What you can do when your WiFi doesn’t work:secure wifi on vacation - wifi doesn't work

  • First, check your computer to verify that you have your internet turned on. I had a laptop that had a switch on the side to turn the internet on and off.  Sometimes I would flip that switch without even realizing it. (I chalk that one up to a design flaw!)
  • Next, who else in your house is using the Internet?  What are they doing? If they are downloading a huge file, ask them if they can stop and restart it later – like after midnight!
  • Turn your router and modem off and back on again.  Sometimes everything just needs a reset.
  • Then, you can check your phone or tablet.  Are they able to connect to the WiFi?  If not, you may need to call your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to report the problem.  They may be able to talk you through a fix on the phone, or they may need to schedule a service call.
  • Chris likes this Netgear router which lists for $220.  It’s currently available from Amazon for around $190.

Don’t be afraid to call your ISP for help.  If you feel like the service rep isn’t being helpful, hang up and call back to get a different person.

Please forward this to your Mom who calls you whenever her WiFi doesn’t work.

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