9 Easy Tips to Set Up a Virtual Office

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Virtual Office Requirements:virtual office fast wifi


A virtual office must have fast WiFi. A minimum of 12mbps is recommended. You may need to upgrade your router in order to provide the contracted speed that is flowed from your ISP to your devices.  (Check your actual speed at SpeedTest.)  Good routers can support many simultaneous users and fast speed.  Chris recommends the Nighthawk AC2300 router which lists for $200.  You can find it at Amazon or Best Buy. I’m pretty lucky at my friend’s home.  They’ve got great wifi!

a Virtual Office needs fast wifiTablet:

Sometimes a laptop is just too heavy!  My iPad has been perfect for internet research, sending emails, and keeping the Geek For Hire calendar up-to-date. And it’s great for watching AmazonPrime movies, playing games, and keeping up with Facebook. Here’s our Buying Guide of what to look for in a tablet.

Cell Phone:

Well, this kind of goes without saying! But it’s important that folks can reach you. If you’re working in your car in between appointments, make sure you’ve got great cell service.

Charging Cords:

Do you have the proper charging cables for all of your devices?

Optional Equipment for your Virtual Office:virtual office


Sure, you can get a lot of business accomplished with just your Smartphone and tablet.  But sometimes, you just need your laptop to do certain tasks. For example, Quickbooks won’t let me enter all the detail I’d like on their mobile app. I need to login to Quickbooks from my laptop to do that.


Entertainment value.  Pure and simple. Sometimes it’s nice to have background noise in your Virtual Office.


If you’re watching a movie at a coffee shop, having a good pair of headphones is essential!  When I got a new pair of headphones, here is the buying process I went through.

External Keyboard for Tablet:

Typing on a tablet can be cumbersome.  The hands – so big.  The keyboard – so small.  The mistakes – so many! Get yourself a Bluetooth keyboard and typing will be much easier.  The newer ones have back-lighting which makes it easier to type when the lights are dimmed.

Speech to Text Software:

Sometimes you just don’t want to type, or you can be more creative when you speak rather than typing on a keyboard. Many of our customers have used Dragon Naturally Speaking to get their thoughts down without typing.  Keep in mind that it does take a bit to customize the software to your voice.

Do you have a Virtual Office?  What tools do you rely on? Let me know in the comments below!

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