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I once heard that Black Friday was so named by the accountants at retail stores; back when accountants kept paper records and used red ink for losses and black ink for profits.  It was said that the Friday after Thanksgiving was usually the first day all year that retail stores made a profit.  Anyone else have a better theory?!

Regardless of the silly theories, just about every day, Chris makes suggestions to our customers and friends about helpful technology.  I’ve looked through some of his past emails and pulled out a few of the products he has recommended over the past few months.  With Black Friday coming up, you may be able to get some great deals – Take a look! (Note, some of these are affiliate links.)Black friday - bob ross ornament


WiFi Router:

Chris likes the Netgear Nighthawk AC2300 Router.  It has built in protection against malware, it can prioritize your traffic, it’s compatible with the Echo and Alexa, and has built in parental controls.  It generally lists for $200.  Amazon has it for $167.

External Hard Drive:

When you want to make sure all your data is secure, an external hard drive can’t be beat.  Make sure you get one that is big enough to hold all of your data.  Chris likes this one from Western Digital.  One or two terabytes is generally enough space.  If you take a lot of photos and videos, get a bigger one.  The 1 TB generally lists for $80.  Amazon has it for $55.

Blue Tooth Speaker:

We’ve had this JBL speaker for a while now and really like it.  Not a huge discount here.  It lists for $82 and Amazon sells it for $78, but it’s a great speaker.

Battery Pack:Black Friday - External Battery Pack

A portable charger that you can carry around with you can be a lifesaver. The more we use our phones during the day, the more we may have to recharge it mid day.  I got this one a year or so ago and love it.  It will charge my phone several times before running out of juice!  This one is about $25 from Amazon.

Holiday Ornaments:

If you’re looking for something fun, you can’t beat Think Geek.  The best place for all things geeky and fun.  They’ve got Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Rick & Morty, Dr. Who, Marvel, etc. etc.!

Best Black Friday Deals:

Most of the tech stores will have special Black Friday deals all week, so check which outlet has the best deals for you.  Also, you should be able to order online and not have to deal with the craziness in the physical store.  You can try Staples or NewEgg for any of these products as well.

Black Friday Geek For Hire Coupon!

The best deal of all?  Purchase an hour or two with the geek now at a 20% Discount – you can use it later or give it as a gift! (Purchase before “CyberMonday”.  So, November 20-26, 2018).  Fill out our Contact Form with your details, and I’ll mail a coupon to you. Tired of helping your mom/dad/aunt/friend with their computer and network issues?  This is a perfect holiday gift for them!

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