Is it Time to Trade In Your Old Kindle?

My Kindle, along with the cover I made from one of my daughter’s old T-shirts.

I frequently get emails from Amazon, letting me know about new products or exclusive sales that they have that I may want to pass on to our customers. Recently I got a funny one. Amazon wants you to trade in your old Kindle, and they’ll give you a discount on a new one, plus, give you a gift card!

However, I’m a fan of older technology. I remember the “good old days” when things just worked, and I didn’t need someone like Chris to come in and fix stuff for me. In fact, this morning, I was talking with a customer about our 30-year-old Hewlett-Packard printer that still works today. Why don’t they make things like that anymore?

That’s part of the reason that I love my 1st generation Kindle. I got it as a Christmas gift way back in 2010. I especially remember it because we had traveled to Oregon, where our daughter was working at Hood Meadows for the ski season. We packed all the gifts, three people, two dogs, and a cat into the Volvo for the thousand-mile drive. And then there was that Amazon box under my daughter’s tree waiting for me!

I love that Kindle, and I still use it today. I love that it has a very long battery life and isn’t too heavy when I’m reading in bed and holding it up in front of me. What don’t I like? The first generation Kindle doesn’t have a backlight, so I can’t read it at night.  It doesn’t have a touch screen, and I have to type on the teensy-tiny screen when I’m searching for something or trying to get to the Table of Contents.

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If you’ve got an older Kindle that doesn’t work, I’d suggest getting a new one.  Get 20% off a new Kindle E-reader. And if you already have a Kindle and L-O-V-E to read, you need to sign up for Kindle Unlimited. You’ll get a free month, and then for $10 a month, you get free access to a million books. Books that you’ll want to read, including the latest best-sellers.


Check out the new Kindle if you want one you can read at night!


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